Advantages Of Keeping An Information Journal

Advantages Of Keeping An Information Journal

The information journal is one’s only “real” journal – a physical memory written in a living language that can be retrieved, read, and shared. It records one’s experience of life, as well as the dynamic flow of that life. A journal can be a distillation of one’s inner workings, chronicling a life from beginning to end. Many seekers believe that the key to discovering oneself lies in an organized record of one’s life.

How many times have we, for example, had a dream or visions that seemed so clear that even years later we can still remember them? Is it possible that we were so emotionally traumatized by the events of our childhood that the memory itself has been repressed? Did we hide the discomforts and the dark secrets of our troubled youth out of fear that if the truth was revealed, it would mean the end of our fragile ego? The answers to these questions might surprise those who have never experienced the pains and joys that come with allowing the past to drag on into the present and reveal hidden treasures, but anyone who values their mind and memory should earnestly try to retrieve these memories. And one way to do that is to document each event in its own little nook, recording the details that constitute that experience.

An information journal is really nothing more than a digital logbook of one’s experiences. Each entry consists of a thought or question, followed by a date and a time. Unlike journals of past events, the entries on an information journal are often filled with all kinds of details about the incident. There are questions to ask, observations to note, stories to tell, and anything else that has been stored within the human mind at that very moment.

Imagine filling in your information here, transcribing the events that occurred in your own life and sharing them with someone else. This sort of recording helps you to remember, since you are remembering the specifics of one of your most important life experiences. You will have an interesting glimpse into your own experience and maybe the experience of somebody else as well.

The first and perhaps the most important advantage of using a journal is that it allows you to see your own life from other people’s perspective. You will be able to see how they saw or interpreted things. This is particularly beneficial when you want to write about something you observed firsthand, such as the results of a scientific experiment you conducted or a way you handled a difficult situation. It also can be helpful in the case of family disputes or other issues regarding your own identity or perception of the world around you.

The advantages of an information journal extend far beyond the obvious benefits of recording events. Think about the effect that this sort of recording has had on your life. For example, you can look back through history and examine how certain individuals throughout time used such information to influence their own personal and professional lives. You can also look back at other people’s lives to get an idea of what was going on in their world at that time and what their decisions were. In short, anyone can benefit from keeping track of information and reviewing it often.