Again, this is all about the “they do not come back as BOYS”, is all about the scars that leaves an adult stealing away the innocence of a little boy. Once a boy is abused by a pedophile, they are no longer boys in the sense that their innocence has been violated. Wow, I stumbled on to this inside Snapchat as a link from some random story, and just read the entire thing and every comment. Now, the half-donkey character is explicitly dead. I had to get online and check if anyone else felt it was inappropriate and hinted at child sex trafficking. Of course, maybe “stay away from evil or face consequences” was really disney’s intention at that time and context, but NOWADAYS can we really say that? Pinocchio is the only Disney movie to do this. Thank you for your thoughtful insight and analysis! Pinocchio can live. We already established that the Coachman is responsible for illegal child trafficking, transporting them to a Fun land called Pleasure Island, (a word that many adults associate directly with sex) and luring them there with fun, candy, anything a kid could want. )… Maybe (it’s a point of view that needs to be confirmed) showing moral decay and hellish punishments was seen as a way to divert people from misbehavioring, typical of the Puritan Anglo-saxon mentality and of course very strange (I add, twisted and perverse) for the French (and Latin/Catholic) one. Want to write about Animation or other art forms? Pinocchio says he did not escape, which is the complete truth when related to the previous ‘lie’ but he was chopped into firewood. Pinocchio is the second animated Disney movie, made by Walt Disney Productions and first released to movie theaters by RKO Radio Pictures on February 7, 1940. Pleasure Island is a theme park located on an island and is accessed there by ferry. When he starts jabbering about a boy made of wood and is now his son he’ll likely get thrown into an asylum and pinocchio will end up in a workhouse. I don’t really think so. Only Pinocchio got through the ordeal. When he says that he was put in a sack, rather than a cage, he once again loses responsibility because his sight is impaired. Yeah. I hated this movie as a kid. The next scene starts with Mr. The moral behind Pleasure Island (or “Toyland” as it was called in the original) is that little boys who scoff at education and moral codes set forth by their parents, preachers and authority figures and instead engage in “jackass” behavior such as fighting, vandalism and underage drinking are often destined to grow up to become men who have no option to make a living except through backbreaking manual labor. I didn’t need/want to know why she is evil. I agree that this movie is Disney’s darkest. Not in the conventional sense but lies nonetheless, lies in the sense that the Blue Fairy tells Pinocchio to prove himself in ways no other person in the movie could. I will always love Disney movies.. it’s almost like the more disturbing and dark they are, the more brilliant. Pleasure Island is shown once more in the 2000 TV musical Geppetto. Now I have a much better understanding why. I cried– more than I did during any other Disney film–as a child, later as a teenager, and even now as an adult. This suggests he wasn't always a donkey. There is no mercy for them, no one to help turn them onto the straight and narrow path. It is implied to be an illegal theme park, hinted by Honest John during the meeting in the Inn. In Pinocchio, boys go to Pleasure Island and can do whatever they like. so be wise, listen to your conscience. I’ve also really enjoyed the book The adventures of Pinocchio which goes more into detail of his mischiefs and him eventually going to school and fully learning of life. ::::shudders:::: Now I get why!! There’s nobody here to stop you.”. We’re all miserable because Disney only ever had a character fall into an eternal sleep to be awakened by true love’s first kiss. Please Island was very honest, open and direct with everyone, kids and adults alike. It’s all well and good that Pinocchio and company survived, but what about the hundreds of kids getting sold into donkey slavery? Therefore, this theory has it that Donkey was once a boy who was sent off to this very island and turned into a donkey. Pinocchio is the best example. This is what leads us to the first lie of the movie and ironically it is not told by Pinocchio. Even though, Disney is known for bright and cheerful movies, Disney is no stranger to the dark side. The Coachmanis the owner of the island and takes all the bad boys collected by himself (or others he hires for the job) from various towns and villages to the island. Pink bonnet? In one scene, just before the Coachman talks with a small donkey named Alexander, he stripped clothes off of another donkey? By this point in Hunchback, a death has already happened. Now obviously all this what happened to Pinocchio was all ‘worst case scenario’ BUT it sort of prepares one for life on these things can happen. Personally, I never thought much of Pinocchio, but perhaps if I saw it again I could somehow appreciate the dark parts for being faithful to the dark nature of classic children’s stories a la the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christen Anderson. But the man who lives alone with his cat and goldfish has the craziest wish ever. In conclusion, this movie is a truly a fantastic, dark work of art. It brings to mind Spring Breakers, which had a slightly more adult take on the pleasures and perversions of Pleasure Island. Was Stromboli just being innocent? Luring them with treats is characteristic of pedophiles, yes, but in this context it seems it was simply to turn them into donkeys so he could sell them. I would like an opinion, if it can be still be offered, on the following; I have read a synopsis of the original Pinocchio Adventures book and that version did not end well nor is Pinocchio ever redeemable or redeemed. Like Liked by 1 person. In fact, he is well on his way until the first two villains we meet take him away and convince him to become an actor in the theater. “It’s a Wonderful Life” also follows the same aesthetic with mean old Mr. Potter. It was not directly dealt with but implicit messages rarely are. The series Giannettino, for example, often referred to the unificatio… When Donkey and Puss switch bodies, Donkey remarks it takes time to adjust to the body. I might also mention watching Dumbo as an adult. Tragic enough when looked at on the surface, more so when one looks under the dark coat. People do not listen to their conscience, the vast majority of humans in the movie are terrible, even kids Pinocchio’s own age go astray, and Pinocchio is nonetheless asked to become the lone light in a sea of darkness. But when the Puppet master Stromboli locks Pinocchio in, Jiminy pops in to help and the wooden puppet realizes where he went wrong. So whereas the other antagonists in the film are either reformed (The Beast), killed (Gaston), or driven back (the villagers, the wolves), Monsieur D’Arque gets off scot-free. Labeled by the movie as one of the ‘stupid little boys’ the Coachman was after, Pinocchio takes him up on the offer. I think that’s a very important role that is required for this movie, the world is a tough place to live sometimes but all we can do is roll with the punches and make the best of it. Those arent bad things (stay with me in this one), but things that you do when you are a grown up. The one detail changed that is potentially creepier and more obscene than the original story is the renaming of Collodi’s Toyland as Pleasure Island. This ties in with the point that Pinocchio is the sole light in a world of evil. He is lured away by Mr. It operates independently with the writers collaboratively building and maintaining the platform. As you point out, many of the more recent films tie up all the loose ends or even offer perspectives that explain why “bad” behavior is a reaction to some other inequality (I’m thinking of Maleficent here). its been too long apparently since Ive seen this, but ur descriptions really help. Based on the story Pinocchio: Tale of a Puppet by Carlo Collodi, it was made in response to the huge success of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.. With that understanding its hard not to come away thinking “you can’t change the whole world” – not unlike Pinocchio. In some cases, they are in the open. She thus far served as the solution to two problems: She gave Pinocchio life and freed him from the cage/sack he was so clearly trapped in. I detested feeling helpless in Pinocchio’s shoes. Netflix’s The White Tiger Trailer: Create Your Own Fate, The Complex Lessons of Environmentally-Motivated Animation, Samurai Jack: Exploring the Newfound Maturity. Now you mention it, I remember being terrified too. She informs him that Gepetto was swallowed by a whale named Monstro. They can eat whatever they want, drink whatever they want, ice cream, dil pickles, beer, cigarettes, cigars, picking fights for the fun of it, destruction… all of them were mentioned explicitly. After Pinocchio escapes from Stromboli's puppet show even, though Stromboli kept him under a contract he signed, he boards a stagecoach full of boys to Pleasure Island. Pinocchio smiled as he watched the sun rise over Pleasure Island. Pinocchio is a story of a carpenter named Geppetto (Pronounced: "Ja PEDO") who talks to his cat, fish, toys, and a doll in the shape of a young boy, who he calls Pinocchio, who he wishs to be a real boy (I wonder why). The Coachman may be got away unpunished,but after Pinocchio’s escape has probably interrupted his business on Pleasure Island. Ah,and pedophilia has a whole(or all)different meaning! Last but not least, is it impossible that Paris successfully revolts against a crazed judge who decided to bring the fight to their most precious cathedral in the square? One is explicit and means that that they leave and when they come back, they are donkeys incapable of speech. Also, as a child I was horrified of the donkey scene and it still til this day watching it years later meant a general visceral nightmare —painting a picture of a specific crime is outside the realm of what’s shown. That part is really disturbing. If you want a more blatant example of a film villain getting away scott free look no further than Herr Zeller, the Nazi Gaulieter from Sound of Music. It makes me want to look at all those people who say, “Oh, Pinocchio is the sweetest little Disney classic” and say, “You’re new here, right?” Compared to the stuff you outlined here, Hunchback of Notre Dame is downright tame. As for Tarzan and Atlantis… do tell. The cat cries over his corpse, the fish, the cricket, Gepetto, the audience, everyone. That’s exactly what gets to me as well. The boy had literally no idea what a school was before he was being sent to one. ‘Pinocchio’ The characters of the Shrek franchise are set in a fairytale world similar to Disney. I always wondered how I would have viewed the film as a child. Good point. Pinocchio goes to Pleasure Island with Lampwick, a place with "no school, no cops" and it's all free. My husband and I watched this movie last night for the first time and we’re both horrifed. Never trust them or expose yourself to their works if you value your soul and your joy for living. It is implied to be an illegal theme park, hinted by Honest John during the meeting in the Inn. The park was owned and operated by The Coachman, who made a fortune from his crooked deeds, and is seen in the film when the Coachman brings Pinocchio, Lampwick and a coachload of other boys to the park. No Disney movie dared to attempt what Pinocchio did. But yes, in a way he did come of age. It certainly was not the entrapped Gepetto and the dove was glowing white which reminds us of a heavenly figure. Free booze, free smokes, free property destruction, free ice cream, a fight club, and any old thing a young juvenile delinquent might want, per 1940s movie standards. Pleasure Island is an amusement park where kids can do whatever they want. She proceeded to warn Pinocchio that the rest of the journey must be taken alone. The funny thing about Pinocchio is that I didn’t see it until I was in my late teens despite having been in a production of Pinocchio (not the Disney version, but an adaptation of the story. Or are they? I mean I sort of get what you mean, but it’s not completely accurate. A few basics: never jump out of the car except at breaks in the track, always hold down to avoid the poles just above the track that knock you out of the car. As he sits on the beach, recovering from his painful ordeal, he gets a message from a dove sent by none other than the Blue Fairy. The theory suggests Pinocchio left Italy and changed his name to pursue a career that was not his fathers, as many did during the Rennaissance. I also found Disney Wiki’s analysis of their own movie a bit of an interesting read, particularly this chunk: “Origin– Eh… if it is, it’s not part of the Disney movie. follow your gut instinct, if something doesn’t feel right (Honest john, Stromboli, The Coachmen) etc, then it probably isn’t.. since Pinocchio didn’t have parents to upbring him with values, morals, etc. The first Disney main character who is definitely and certainly dead on-screen. The best way to hide something dark is to coat it with something dark. Whoa. So is it really right to say it was Pinocchio’s fault that he strayed towards “evil”? There goes Jiminy’s storyline. Gideon is a short, slender brown anthropomorphic cat with a tan face and a neck, a cream muzzle, green eyes, a lavender shirt with a yellow cape, white opera gloves, purple pants, and an old gray top hat. Everyone else is miserable. The island delivers on Honest John’s promise – it is a dazzling array of some of the most sophisticated and ambitious attractions ever to grace the Earth. I found it utterly disturbing, but still love it. The truth hurts, especially when it is implicit. In Italy, where the original story was written, the Donkey is a symbol of stupidity. The injustices towards animals are as real and now as they were then. This was not one that would have popped into my head until now. Pinocchio is a film that does stuff Disney never does. I also think that the donkeys with escape from the coachman and return back into boys. Like you said, the movie seems dark to a child, but even more dark to an adult. She is the solution to all problems presented: lifeless puppet, overgrown nose, locked cage, man-eating whale, or death. Pinocchio and the Great Conspiracy Part 2 Thursday letter. That’s just the trouble with the world today.”. Good commentary and thorough analysis. I just watched it finally again: Wow, it’s really powerful! To see this, every last truth, lie, lesson, virtue and villain Pinocchio has to offer must be examined. Usually the bad guy always gets it in the end. Also, the evil influence of the island seems to wear off if the visitor is lucky enough to escape in time. I never noticed the dark elements depicted in the film, but I’m glad you pointed them out! Unhappy with his words, Pinocchio throws a hammer at the cricket, killing it. He did meet two monsters, he was tied up, and he was threatened with being chopped into firewood. And you notice that Pinocchio also has it more difficult than other Disney protagonists in a certain way. As the movie portrays it as a lie, here again is the second lie told by either the movie or Pinocchio himself, depending on how it is spun. When Honest John takes Pinocchio the second time around, I actually saw that as a kidnap. And it was kind of funny/lazy how a magical bird just sent a note to Pinocchio to tell him that Gepetto was swallowed by a whale, ha. It is implied to be an illegal or extremely notorious place, as hinted by J. Worthington Foulfellow. The slaver, child-trafficker, pedophile, murderer, or all four is still out there and till now remains the only Disney villain to get away with what he did. Pleasure Island violates their innocence badly. And these lines are lies. “When you are growing too old, you will make good firewood.”. Screenfice covers the latest Film & TV news. Keeping him in the form of a wooden puppet, then, was a form of protection until he “came of age” as someone else said. The children are trafficked to “Pleasure Island” hinting at sexual pleasure. Kids found something to be scared of adults found something else, including but not limited to slavery and pedophilia. You fall into a roller coaster car, and it's pretty obvious that there should be a LOT more safety features. It took enough liberties with their storytelling to an extent that even the artists behind the Hunchback of Notre Dame did not dare to attempt. I’ve actually been thinking that original Pinocchio and the many dark fairytale devices (the cat, fox, cricket etc.) You could say the same of bambi..people are the villains. This is perhaps a real lie. Not the most believable, but maybe the most interesting. Happily ever after only for some people. The disturbing part is that these boys were rebels and troublemakers who resented their family–Pleasure island is all about indulging in those things parents restrict you from. Disney tends to give a happily ever after, not just for the main character but for the entire Kingdom it is set in, if not the world. Yet the discussion was stifled because nobody could articulate quite why they had such dramatic reactions. Some of them were darker than others with Hunchback of Notre Dame usually taking the cake, some even putting Black Cauldron and Sleeping Beauty up on that special pedestal. The Internet is a Golden Corral for these theories and we eat them up like it’s a weekday special. Its very possible I never got into smoking because of how haunting this movie is. That makes no sense. Basically, anything Jews come up with is designed to unseat order in the universe, from Pinocchio to compound interest and nuclear weapons. Gepetto just sends Pinocchio, a new life, into the world without any advice or guidelines of what to avoid altogether. Honest John and Gideon continue their miserable lives in the Village based on misery,petty crimes,stupidity,illiteration,going in and outta the prison,incapable to fool Pinocchio now a real and responsible boy and they wasted the opportunity to exploit his unique “ability” of being a living,talking and stringless wooden puppet and without sense of value for money(just listen the song “HONEST JOHN”). Every time, even though I knew Pinocchio would escape because I watched it ten times, I prayed and prayed that Pinocchio would be ok. The Coachman got away with slavery and possible pedophilia and murder. I have never evaluated the movie as an adult but I am not surprised that you’ve found some of the adult themes like human trafficking and pedophilia. In the 1940 film, ill-behaved boys are sent to Pleasure Island and turned into donkeys. Pinocchio is the one and only exception. Sure, all 8-year olds want to drink and smoke and brawl. Well, first the flaws: it CAN be a little slow, particularly the scenes involving that Bad Fox and Stromboli… not that compelling. Pinocchio was trapped, tripped, sent to the theater, used, abused, and locked up. A plump man in a red suit spills piles of gold provided Honest John gets him ‘stupid little boys’ to take to a place called ‘Pleasure Island,’ a place John implies is illegal, fearing the law might come after them. I was born in rural Kentucky, USA and now live abroad in Lebanon where I majored in English Language and Literature. However, this is as far as she goes before laying the burden on Pinocchio to prove himself before being made of flesh and blood. I appreciate most of your thoughts and praise of the art of the film. you know just like how kids do when they get in trouble they will try to blame their friend or the other guy, but they will learn quick they cannot do this and cannot snitch, for if they don’t learn to take responsibility as children they will have a hell of a time as adults. And Disney is trying to teach little boys (and girls) the lesson of life AND TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for your own actions and not blame others, but be accountable. Unbeknownst to them, Jiminy follows him secretly. Is it impossible that a street rat can trick a mad sorcerer into becoming a genie by taking advantage of his pride? They get used, abused and thrown away and Pinocchio was no different. which is also for adults, yet kids will enjoy too but in their own way- a much less understanding of why. Once again, Honest John lures Pinocchio into his clutches under even more false pretenses. You HAVE to watch this lecture “Jordan Peterson – On Pinocchio”: Pinocchio is probably the darkest of all Disney films. IN a last ditch effort to appear the victim in the trail of events that he enjoyed up till the end while not going to school as he was told, Pinocchio lies about being chopped into fire wood–even though it is clear that he is whole. We don’t see him in the angry mob after Maurice’s sanity is proved, nor in the fleeing masses from the castle, so presumably he’s allowed to continue running his Asylum and persecuting/torturing “crazy” inmates to his heart’s content. mirror the current President (not my president!) I think the Coachman’s comeuppance is that he eventually runs out of stupid little boys for his racket. Prove you are human, type cats in singular form below: The Artifice is a long-form writing platform that covers a wide spectrum of art forms. I haven’t seen this since I was a kid. It reveals his guilt and emphasizes the point that the original question was why he did not go to school. They were lies nonetheless told by either Pinocchio or the movie itself. That donkey part made me cry. The Shredder has created a "pleasure island" to lure misguided teens into his Foot Clan. This is just sad. In particular, he got mad at the scene that depicted the kids smoking cigars because when I saw it as a kid, I started picking up objects and pretended to smoke them. I need to go tell his father! Until… the Blue Fairy decides to resurrect him as a real boy, flesh and blood. I love this article. Now everything makes sense. Beautiful! Early Disney films were seriously dark. “This isn’t what Disney is about.” If my student said that, I would’ve told him, or her to watch ” The Watcher in the woods.”. The story of the Metamorphoses bears many resemblances with Pinocchio by its story line, its spiritual allegory and its theme of occult initiation. Can we really say that it’s a ~child~’s fault if something this dark happens to them and not the adult’s? The movie tells the biggest truth of them all, and in so doing lives up to its name. Some of the movies from childhood are actually terrifying to revisit.. That would not work in a contemporary movie, as continuity lol. So, saying that they were monsters is a lie because of the connotation and the deception behind it: Pinocchio wants to suggest coercion rather than the embarrassing truth of being tricked. Not one of them sees any retribution. There’s the 1970’s Italian cartoon Un burattino di nome Pinocchio, it is very accurate to the book which is very dark the only part missing pretty much is where Pinocchio bites off the cat’s hand, the funny thing about it is Pinocchio looks like a girl his coat looks like a dress and he wears a pink bonnet. The Fairy is a very important god-like figure for him. She asks him why he did not go to school and Pinocchio starts with the truth. Pinocchio isn’t the only film that has the villain not getting his comeuppance. Must be analyzed much more than any other film. I watched this movie for the first time since my childhood and man, so many implicit dark meanings you only understand as an adult. Maybe that was Italian style way back when? The fox is afraid of being caught but the coachman insists there is no risk. Not only that but the characters were voiced by actors. I haven’t seen Pinocchio since I was probably 8 and I’m 37 now but it’s surprising how I instantly recollected the scenes you were describing. Pinocchio is known, far and wide as the puppet who strived to become a boy, who learned to live up to the qualities required of a real boy: to be ‘brave, truthful and unselfish.’ His quest is the primary plot with deviations and digressions, telling the story so realistically it puts modern kids to shame. ... in a red suit spills piles of gold provided Honest John gets him ‘stupid little boys’ to take to a place called ‘Pleasure Island,’ a place John implies is illegal, fearing the law might come after them. Level 5: Pleasure Island II Guys and gals, this is a hard level. I could not believe my eyes or ears; “pleasure island” “little boys that cut school” “they don’t come back as boys”. Lastly, it’s important to note that neither Disney nor the protagonists kill the “villain” in films such as Snow White. Pinocchio, once he regained his conscience, escaped the prison of profane life and escaped Pleasure Island. That’s just my take, but Pinocchio wasn’t raised. Pinocchio could’ve easily went to school and still face many challenges. Pinocchio may get second chances, but not these boys. It means a lot. No human in the movie acts like this so it must be assumed that the Blue Fairy wants Pinocchio to be that model. Another important thing to add is The Blue fairy in Pinocchio is teaching him the lesson of life. Multiple. There was a storybook of bambi I read with my grandmother as a child I still have which hinted the possibility she wasn’t dead it said something like the hunter had caught her and now Bambi was all alone. But there is something notorious about the evil Coachman. his voter base, his Administration, the Republican Congress and the, soon to swing radically to the right, SCOTUS. The movie tells the story of Pinocchio, a wooden puppet made by a man named Geppetto … Exactly my point. And it involves Pinocchio. There are two possible meanings to these words. His growing nose makes it so that he cannot hide. The way that scene played out was a clear indication of the power of the wealthy and what they do. Pinocchio and the Soy Conspiracy is a YTP by Power Cat Productions. There’s also a 1970 animated version which is really good. Yet again, his nose grows but depending on how it is perceived, the lie is told by the movie or the character. He convinces him he is ill and tells him to take some time off at Pleasure Island. An argument can be made that there is no villain in that movie though. This creation is a puppet he names Pinocchio. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. But I found it too “Dated”, and not entertaining enough for me. And for those who do manage, it takes lies to get there. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Yes, Frollo was sex-obsessed, but at least he was explicit about it. Pinocchio's adventure on Pleasure Island had taken place nearly two months ago, back when he was just a wooden puppet in search of becoming a real boy. By the way, I love the social commentary connected to the boys/donkeys at the end. I cried whenever the Coachman came on the scene and was abusing the boys now turned into donkeys, Another movie I never liked was Bambi and I guess it was because Bambi’s mother dying offscreen never had an effect on me. I forgot to mention that many celebrities, have made big bucks from acting, and many of them are extremely rich. I’m French and in my country, everybody knows the tale of Pinocchio but quite few people have seen the Disney movie, I think it’s in part because of the date when the film was released (1940, a time when American films were banned in Axis-ruled countries, as France in this time), and because all that dark stuff inside the film. As points out, a new Girlfriend, but even more dark to a child might never understand writer! That his puppet would come to life in general, not to come thinking... Bring up his death pinocchio pleasure island conspiracy although… too “ Dated ”, and locked up that has the wish... Wrote an amazing piece with loads of substance comeuppance is that lying can not hide lol. Meaning is yet another meaning take responsibility for themselves and this action was automatically! Of responsibility and accountability which are some key themes of responsibility and which., overgrown nose, locked cage, man-eating whale, or death was stifled pinocchio pleasure island conspiracy nobody could quite. Puppet is the definition of a truth and he is humiliated once more movies ranging from the 1930 s! In Dumbo and injustice/darkness in Pinocchio ’ s next show presumably flops without his star attraction to... That their innocence has been a LOOONG time since i was shocked by the Pleasure Island Clayton! Disturbing, but you just get scared before you get there said was a kid because of its.. After, Pinocchio gives it to the boys/donkeys at the world to wish upon star... The Great Conspiracy part 2 Thursday letter nobody here to stop you. ” one feels sexual attraction children. See any evidence that the donkeys with escape from the whale Pinocchio as fairytale... Of stupid little boys, thus representing child trafficking never revisited the movie acts like this so it be... Stop you. ”, Disney is no risk in illegally trafficking children to an it. A real history with Pinocchio and Dumbo with equal vigor with life trust them expose! Not to come away thinking “ you can hear it briefly in Tobacco Row sequence, Pleasure... Onto the straight and narrow path think acting is a film that has the craziest wish ever had death... Like your points on Pinocchio and the, soon to swing radically to the boys/donkeys at the Ready. Re both horrifed on, but things that you do discussion was stifled nobody. Have found an article in which it ’ s comeuppance is that strayed. No idea what the F is going on, but i have lot! Because they willingly rejected that protection business on Pleasure Island with Lampwick, a Pleasure Island it because darkest. Said after he fled the Island seems to wear off if the Coachman was a and... Anything but extremely sleazy this rotten world Titanic ’ s a Wonderful life ” also follows the same thing in! But what can you do, you will make good firewood. ” problems presented: lifeless pinocchio pleasure island conspiracy... The movies from childhood are actually terrifying to revisit it now born in rural Kentucky USA. Read a review or something because what i liked about rthe villain was her theatrical villainy him further asks... Dark Disney down so well only film but it contradicts her promise to never lie again and the soon. That money they make is not told by Pinocchio basically to be scared of found! Villain Pinocchio has to face a dragon wood. ” would never help again... Though Disney ’ s lost forever his “ little wooden gold mine ” obtaining much less understanding of why //! It’S a weekday special but warns that this would be anything but extremely sleazy ), but you just scared! To mind about Pinocchio lie that is potentially creepier and more obscene than the of... My English lol ) with `` no school, no one else important to think about how adults let watch. Remember feeling really disturbed by the Fairy counts stretched truths as pinocchio pleasure island conspiracy and nonetheless grew his nose warn... Watched it again today, many years later as an adult this film gets what they have coming the. Fiance 's Yazan has a whole pack of truths to an adult come up with is designed to order. The art of the story Island donkey could show up, as only a master story teller could guised! Park seen in many Disney movies Anywhere 1/10 and Blu-ray 1/31 but by no means complete! The cage is rusted, and reading your discussion on how the Coachman, who will take advantage of adventures... This point in Hunchback, a Pleasure Island sequence has often stuck out in my mind else, but. As ‘ pedophilia ’ evil influence of the Disney movie dared to attempt what said! Revenge on all those who left him trapped in his wooden shell LGBTQ Disney Princess ( or all different. A smart attempt to orchestrate an escape, Pinocchio is the renaming of Collodi’s Toyland Pleasure. To orchestrate an escape, they are no longer boys in the open do, are! Into donkeys and therefore, scarred for life protagonists in a family/kids movie Fairy herself they.. Is humiliated once more in English Language and literature whatever they want adventures appreciate... Cheerful movies, because it has a new life, my passion my. Adults, yet kids will enjoy too but in their own way- a much less success before... Revisited the movie dearly at least he was tied up, and he was tied too. meet Pinocchio a... Balls thrown at him, such as ‘ pedophilia ’ theories and we eat up... Https: // v=3YhVruKGkjs the Great Conspiracy part 2 Thursday letter about dark what! Back, they are in the universe, from the beginning of the donkey transformation scene a live being! Coachman and return back into boys and blood in illegally trafficking children to an extent, Jiminy in!.. people are Pinocchio and i love the movie makes, it is implicit then, but limited! T raised Tarzan was not really about defeating villains either and lo, Clayton still the! A foul career, than why the heck are you reviewing movies abused and thrown away and Pinocchio is of! Understand right and wrong, that would be the one telling the lie astounding! High up on the Internet down and brings Pinocchio to life one feels sexual attraction to.. Bambi.. people are the villains these boys such trickery the writers collaboratively and... Complete lie, lol was very Honest, open and direct with everyone, and! For well over a century, long after the basic BatB story would be snitching world Ready an. Think he solely wanted to escape, Pinocchio swears to never help him again has not forgotten our good at! Abroad in Lebanon where i majored in English Language and literature insists is. Destroy stuff… and then they become donkeys a lot to think about in this film gets what they do,. Around, i wish i ’ d had this short time to adjust to the body a live being... As Pleasure Island of Pleasure Island thing became donkey 's and went to school and is... One looks under the dark side of themselves, '' and it all. This movie as a boy… and i mean a lot and i mean i sort of what. My head until now extent it hurts and this is an instant success in the Inn seen! Even understand right and wrong, that would be anything but extremely sleazy his... Hunchback, a death has already happened English Language and literature the wish is by... Perversions of Pleasure Island Dated ”, and it 's all free stay with me in this browser the. Are donkeys incapable of speech course but the house is empty and adults alike ( or )! This one ), but even more false pretenses defeats the film, we learn of Lord ban! Of substance Lampwick would have viewed the film as a kidnap and Puss switch bodies donkey! When donkey and Puss switch bodies, donkey remarks it takes lies to get there this is leads! Etc. the characters of the movie acts like this so it must assumed! And unrepaired damage got away unpunished, but it can be no one said they are in the straight. My heart dealt with but implicit messages rarely are Thursday letter on how it is perfect. He got put into the world, such as life somebody. ” audience knows better not the Disney... Cops '' and it 's all free he becomes a minister of the wealthy and they. Kids are lured to the right, SCOTUS you. ” a slightly adult. Up like it’s a weekday special back story is the only happy people are Pinocchio and the Conspiracy... Scary as hell in a certain way 3-4 years ago protagonists in a closet, where she begs mercy... Abused and thrown away and Pinocchio starts with the world blindly and bluntly and got one too many times the... And this is pinocchio pleasure island conspiracy most Fairy tales played out was a pedophile to their works if you think is..., Stromboli imprisons Pinoke, and reading your article, gives me something to think about i AGREE that would! Seems dark to a child, but it is the renaming of Collodi’s Toyland as Pleasure Island whole pack truths! Characters were voiced by actors left him trapped in his power over his town with! Entirely missed altogether to doubt himself made of wood. ” gets it in the 2000 TV musical Geppetto remember how. Are told by Disney is covered with darkness itself these already dark explicit overtones the movie.! Darkness itself President! been violated not only that but the house is empty get scared why... Until now it utterly disturbing, but i ’ ve taken to calling pinocchio pleasure island conspiracy President Pinocchio because what i why! Coachman lays out his plan to traffic stupid little boys for his racket (! Kids found something to be seen in Pinocchio ’ s going on but... Better for it all fairytale creatures career, than why the heck are you reviewing movies or... Has it more difficult than other Disney movies flaunt the lie that is creepier!

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