The main trail continues to climb up to Pear Lake, crossing the most barren, rocky landscape of the hike. I’m not seeing FR 65 on the map after 207 reconnects with Lake Shore Rd. From Leavenworth, you'll head west on Highway 2 for 15 miles to the same spot. Yoo can get attenshun becuz there are peeple called throohikers on this trail hoo haf not seen a dog in months end they are so happee to meet yoo, yoo just wag yor tail end they treet yoo like royalty. Subscribe to our free email newsletter for hiking events, news, gear reviews and more. The Lakes Trail to Pear Lake can be done as either an overnight stay or a day hike. THE DOG REPORT:  Alter-nut report by me Custard the Dog. Don’t forget your headlamp for the trip back down to your campsite! Much of the area around Pear Lake is fragile meadow of heather and ground blueberry. The dirt roads are washboard and potholed but as long as your car has clearance to get over some small loose rocks, you should be okay. Pear Lake Trail is a 33.6 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Leavenworth, Washington that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail also goes past Length 4 miElevation gain 1181 ftRoute type Out & back Hiking Nature trips Walking Bird watching running Forest Lake Views Washington Trails Association is 501(c)(3) nonprofit. The Top Lake trail up and over Fall Mountain is something your knees and lungs will remember, particularly if you have a full overnight pack. allobean Day one From the trailhead at the end of Wolverton Road, ascend concrete steps to the well-signed Lakes Trail, heading north. .. I’ll find out tomorrow! Your knees will thank you if you remembered hiking poles. It is possible to continue up on a boot path here to the summit of Fall Mountain. Uneven rocks on trail, consistent elevation climb, etc. Pause at a viewpoint on the other side of the knob before your descent to gaze at Mount Stuart on the horizon along with Jove and Union Peaks closer in. Leave the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) here and descend 300 yards to a large open spot on the lake’s edge. Amazingly there are still trees, though, especially around the campsites. An ascent of 175 feet for a half mile towards Fall Mountain brings you to a panoramic viewpoint across the Little Wenatchee River Valley. As you meander across the slope to the other side of the mountain, you are heralded by the ghostly reminders of the mature forest that once carpeted the mountainside. It can get windy and buggy, but you take your lumps when you have the opportunity to spend time somewhere this beautiful. Beginning at 3700 feet and climbing gradually to circumnavigate the southern flank of Shoofly Mountain, in the first mile, hikers wage a constant battle with vegetation and mud. I have hiked on this trail twice, the last time, staying overnight at Pear Lake. Pear Lake is a great destination for solitude, fishing, and mountain views. Top Lake may fall short of grandeur but makes up for it in surrounding blueberry-rich meadow. I stopped twice on the way out to pick more blueberries, which are HUGE this year. Yoo should bring yor person here soon. ****PLEASE OBEY THE PARK RULES! This is a perfect place to go if you like to: sleep in the sun, play in the water, walk on the trails, stick yor nose in beehives, forage for berries, drink from delicious streems, and get pets and scratches from peeple. The Sequoia Parks Conservancy will set traps and continue to use CDC cleaning procedures when rodents or rodent droppings are detected, however the Sequoia Parks Conservancy cannot guarantee that the hut is HPS-free. Admittedly it’s a somewhat challenging four miles, but this is still the most popular high country hike in … ****PLEASE OBEY THE PARK RULES! An aptly-named alpine gem, Pear Lake nestles below Fortune Mountain and can be reached by combining the Top Lake Trail with a short jaunt north on the Pacific Crest Trail. It's a great hike. Pear Lake hiking trail in Collegiate Peaks Wilderness, Colorado. Given the extra hour of driving time to the Top Lake trailhead from the Seattle area, I might stick with the Meadow Creek trail in the future but this is still a good, easy to follow trail with great views. Nevermjnd! On the third day I hiked all of the way back to my starting point at the trail head at Wolverton. The trail was in good condition, although muddy in spots and there were definitely mosquitoes on the trail. On Sunday I did a day hike north through open meadows and quiet forest on the PCT and then west on the Cady Ridge trail, to the shoulder of Benchmark Mountain, where the dogs napped and I picked blueberries. It's a little tough. The lakes are best visited on a long day hike. The hike to Pear Lake begins from the fairly remote Finch Lake Trailhead in the Wild Basin area of Rocky Mountain National Park, located near the small communities of Meeker Park and Allenspark. Pear Lake from Alta Peak and an incredible view of the Great Western Divide to the east. You will hear water down below the trail but it runs inaccessibly beneath the lichen-spotted boulders. My plan was to hike into Pear Lake, stay the night, and the next day go cross country to Moose Lake. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from June until October. Day 2 (May 30) Pear lake - Alta peak attempt - Hump trail - Wolverton trail head We turned back a few hundreds feet below the Alta peak summit as it looked dangerous due to the loose snow. Heather Lake, Emerald Lake, and Pear Lake Trail via Watchtower and Pear Lake Trails is a 11.8 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Three Rivers, California that features a lake and is rated as difficult. ****PLEASE OBEY THE PARK RULES! Type of Hike Multi-night … Thanks! 6.4 miles from the trailhead, we finally arrived right as the golden light started to hit the top of the mountains and create the most perfect reflection in Pear Lake, the largest lake … Beautiful Pear Lake, a 1.1 miles past Emerald, is set amid a world of glacial polished granite slabs and cliffs framed by Alta Peak to the south. Pear Lake rests at 4809 feet and has two large campsite areas, one at the west end and one on the east end near the junction with the Pacific Crest Trail, each with its own toilet. celebrating 45 at Pear Lake. Search for busy bumblebees flitting about bright magenta fireweed rising out of discarded black scales of fallen bark. The sun was in full force on Monday morning so I took my time packing and had a  swim in the lake, which is shallow at the west end and not too cold. But if you are not in shape, then don't try it. For the privy, head back up the trail and a sign on a tree will be marked for the toilet where a boot path climbs up to the left next to a table-sized rock. The hike to Pear Lake begins from the fairly remote Finch Lake Trailhead in the Wild Basin area of Rocky Mountain National Park, located near the small communities of Meeker Park and Allenspark. on It provides access and a jumping-off point for hikers, backpackers, equestrian riders and trail work parties alike headed into the backcountry of the Henry M. Jackson and Glacier Peak Wildernesses and beyond. Situated at 9,200 feet in the shadow of Alta Peak, it makes a perfect base camp for exploring the area and bagging Alta Peak. Pear Lake Trail is a 12.7 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Granite, Colorado that features a lake and is rated as difficult. Hiking is good for your physical health—we all know that. A total of about 16 miles for the day. Nellie Lake Camp — 1st Iroquois Falls (Smooth Rock Falls) Threatened (still open) Iroquois Falls, Ontario, 70 km east of Timmins Marge Lake is located just over the ridge from Pearl Lake, can be reached via an off-trail bushwhack. WTA Pro Tip: The best vantage point for viewing the entirety of the fruit-shaped Pear Lake is to continue past the lake and up the sweeping switchbacks on the Meadow Creek Trail. Contact Us. Hike to Pear Lake. Luckily, you're only hiking a brief 0.7 mile on it. A few remaining patches of ashen trees dot the outslope before leaving the burn area entirely. Pear Lake is one of the Best Places on Earth for blueberries, for peace and quiet, for swimming in a shallow alpine lake, for large open campsites with established fire pits, and for day-hike options. Take a minute to observe below in the Lake Creek drainage and you may see a sauntering black bear grazing on a midday snack.

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