Bar stock, also (colloquially) known as blank, slug or billet, is a common form of raw purified metal, used by industry to manufacture metal parts and products.Bar stock is available in a variety of extrusion shapes and lengths. In addition, rectangle steel tube and steel square tubing are regularly utilized throughout the world for their outstanding strength and rigidity. The first number indicates the width of the bar and the second number indicates the thickness. We feature common alloys such as 6061 and 6063. Our flat bar (a.k.a rectangular bar) is either cold drawn material which has a smooth finish, or keystock which has tight tolerances. We stock a large selection of aluminum rectangular tubing, including hard to find large press sizes. Top rated supplier to Trade and DIY. American aluminum bar stock extrusions. Many of the shapes are available in anodized or mill finish. These bars meet the American Society for Testing and Materials standards and can be used in a wide range of structural and architectural applications. Quickly scan large variety of shapes and profiles here. per 20' bar, pounds cross sectional area sq. Copper. These are all the specific size combinations that we have available for this shape. Home / Products / Standard Aluminum Extrusions. Buy Aluminium Flat Bars online now or call 0800 520 0729 FREE. Our extruded aluminum tubing comes in a variety of sizes, as highlighted in our specifications tables below. We are an established provider of aluminum rectangular bar and stock a large selection of different squares, rectangles, and diameters. Standard mill sizes for Bronze C954 / Aluminum Bronze Rectangular Bar range from .2500″ (A) X 1.000″ (B) all the way up to 6.000″ (A) X 6.000″ (B). We stock a large selection of aluminum rectangular tubing, including hard to find large press sizes. dia. All sizes are in inches except the weight per foot (pounds) in the right column. 2024 and 7075 are alloys for high strength applications when no welding or very limited forming or bending is required. Custom and standard extruded square bar shapes. 6061 Aluminum Flat Bar, is an extruded solid aluminum rectangle bar that is easy to work with and has a wide range of applications.Aluminum Flats are widely used for all types of fabrication projects where lightweight and corrosion resistance is a concern. bar size designa-tion diameter in inches est. Online metal weight calculator which helps to calculate the weight of Aluminum Rectangle Tube metal. Square Bar. Structural Range (Rectangle Tube) – Mild Steel STEEL & PIPES FOR AFRICA IS SOUTHERN AFRICA’S BIGGEST SUPPLIER OF ROBOR STEEL TUBING (ISO & SABS SERTIFIED) PLUS A WIDE RANGE OF FIRST GRADE STEEL AND HIGH QUALITY HARDWARE PRODUCTS 72 Inch Long x 2 Inch Wide x 3/8 Inch Thick, Alloy 6061, Aluminum Rectangular Bar +/- 0.250 Inch Long Tolerance, Aluminum MSC# 32012361 Value Collection In Stock We carry a large inventory of extrusion tooling for standard aluminum extrusions designed to National, American and European standard specifications, including aluminum angles, flat bars, aluminum round tubes, rectangular tubes, square tubes, aluminum channels and rods. We feature common alloys such as 6061 and 6063. A B C R1 R2 WT/FT Alloy OH-02795 1.000 1.500 0.125 0.660 6 OH-14047 1.000 2.000 0.125 0.250 0.250 0.760 6 OH-02796 1.000 2.000 0.125 0.810 6 OH-07896 1.000 3.000 0.125 1.100 6 OH-12347 1.000 4.000 0.125 1.397 6 OH-12539 1.250 4.250 We uniquely carry sizes up to 6" x 12" x 1/4" for immediate shipment on our own fleet of trucks. Please note all items are subject to availability. Order Cut to Size. In fact, it has the highest in the family of heat treated aluminum alloys. 6061 T6 Aluminum Square Tube vs. 6063 T5 Aluminum Square Tube There are numerous similarities and several key differences between 6061 aluminum square tube and 6063 aluminum square tube. As a widely used aluminum profile shape, aluminum tubes are available in square, rectangular and round shapes in a range of sizes based on the outside dimensions. Spec Charts. Contact your local Metal Supermarkets store to confirm availability and pricing. The most common shapes are round (circular cross-section), rectangular, square and hexagonal or hex. Rectangular Tubing Rectangular tubing is a versatile product that can be used as a structural component in buildings or vehicles, as fencing, for lightweight and durable fence or sign posts. wt. Please select a category from the menu on the right. per ft. pounds wt. Refine search Start New Search Aluminum Rectangle Tube Weight Calculation Material Alloy Steel Aluminum Beryllium Brass Bronze Cast Iron Columbium Copper Copper Alloys Gold Lead Magnesium Molybdenum Nickel Plastic Silver Stainless Steel Tantalum Titanium Tungsten Zinc Zirconium Rectangular Bar. High strength Aluminum Square bar, such as alloy 7075, can be used in aerospace applications, and for high strength to weight rations, Aluminum Alloy 2024-T351 Square Bar is … The 6061 aluminum rectangular tube is an alloy that has a high level of corrosion resistance. InfraBuild Steel Centre supplies extruded aluminium RHS rectangular box sections in a wide range of sizes and a variety of grades, including both architectural alloy and structural alloy. Round. 1018 Steel Rectangle Bar Cold rolled rectangle steel bar 1018 is a low carbon steel that maintains close dimensional accuracy. Other sizes may be available. We carry Stainless Steel Rectangle/Flat Bar in 15-5, 17-4, 303 Cold Drawn, 303 HRAP, 304, 304 Metric, 316, 321, 410, 416, 420 Oversized, and 440C Oversize. The 6061-T6511 series is a harder, more machinable aluminum. A popular general purpose alloy, 6061 aluminum flat stock can be utilized in anything from medical equipment through to parts for the aerospace industry, structural applications and much more. Both alloys provide excellent corrosion resistance, strength-to … Square Bar. Standard aluminum extrusions are available in mill order quantity only. Aluminium Flat Bar 3/8″ x 3/16″ up to 6″ x 2.1/2″ – and dozens of sizes in-between! Aluminium Square Bar 3/8″ square up to 5″ square; Aluminium Square Tube 1/2″ x 1/2″ up to 4″ x 4″ Aluminium Rectangular Tube 1″ x 1/2″ up to 4″ x 2″ Aluminium Round Tube 5/16″ outside diameter up to 6.1/2″ Select from Standard Sizes: ... Cut in 1/2 to Ship Learn More » Add to Cart. If at any time you wish to return to this page click the catalogue-home button on the top of every page. Aluminum Rectangular Hollows (OD x Wall) Alloy notes: 2 = 2xxx series 5 = 5xxx series 6 = 6xxx series 7 = 7xxx series Die No. Quality American aluminum extrusions. Choose your metal type below. Earn Trade Points with every order. Aluminium RHS Rectangular Hollow Box Section. Rectangle steel tube and steel square tubing products are also low in cost and offer a greater strength-to-weight ratio than other types of shaped metal products. Aluminum Square Bar (Rod) is available in various alloys offering a range of weldability, corrosion resistance, and machinability. If you would like to return to our main site please click home. Aluminum Flat Bar is produced in several alloys, 6063T5 and most generally 6061 is used for structural and engineering applications or when welding is required, forming, bending or corrosion resistance is a concern. Complete Standard Extrusions & Sheet Section PDF. Whether you need rectangular aluminum extrusions for a construction project or for display & marketing, we supply all of the services you will need to manufacture & assemble aluminum rectangular tubing extrusions. Sheet. Standard Aluminum Extrusions. Rectangular section aluminium mouldings can be supplied with both square edge and radial edge. Round. Aluminum Square Bars come in 12' lengths and have sharp corners. We uniquely carry sizes up to 6" x 12" x 1/4" for immediate shipment on our own fleet of trucks. Looking for square extruded aluminum? At Texas Iron & Metal, we offer a wide variety of rectangular steel tubing, in both carbon and galvanized varieties. AISC, ASTM Angle Unequal Leg Aluminum ; Standard Aluminum I-Beams Aluminum; AISC, ASTM Steel Angle Unequal Leg Steel ; AISC, ASTM Structural Tees Cut from W Flange ; BS, EN, ISO, BSI Structural Shape Sizes. AVAILABLE SIZES. Rectangular Bar. Aluminum tubes are commonly used material for many applications and uses.We offer Aluminum tubing sizes for residential and commercial construction, manufacturing, and industrial applications. American aluminum square bar stock extrusions. In addition, it is easy to weld, form, cut and machine. Aluminum Rectangle Tube, is an extruded aluminum tube that is widely used for all types of fabrication projects where lightweight and corrosion resistance is a primary concern - frame work, support columns, gates, fencing, handrails, etc. inches perimeter inches * bar size designation= the number of eighths of an inch in nom. This steel bar product has a smooth surface finish is machinable and displays excellent mechanical properties. Welcome To The Extrudex Aluminum Standard Shapes Catalogue. Since 1982, All Metals Supply in Oroville, CA has provided metal, processed metal and industrial hardware to Northern California repair shops and industry and manufacturing. Complete Standard Extrusions & Sheet Section PDF. Custom and standard extruded aluminum barstock shapes. Compared to others in its family, 6061 alloys do have a lower strength. Scan large variety of shapes and profiles. All metals come in a variety of grades and have varying tolerances. Our Warehouse Division maintains a large inventory of aluminum extrusions which are listed in this catalog. North America's largest supplier of 304 stainless steel metric rectangular tubes. Tolerance on width, depth or width across the flats: 6060 Aluminum Rectangular Tube: Size Tolerance (100mm <, ≤ 200mm) ≤ 10mm ±.30mm > 10mm to 25mm 6063 and 6061 is the most common aluminum … Other sizes and/or alloys are available upon request. Product Details. ASCO’s most common shapes include square, round and rectangular tubes, angles, channels, solid rod and bar stock. The mechanical properties of this metal range widely, giving it excellent forming capabilities. Available in 6-foot cut length, our Rectangular Bars are made of 6063-T5 and 6061-T6 alloy and come with mill finish. 6063RT3X5X1/8 Aluminum Rectangle Tube 6063 T52 3 " X 5 " X 0.125 " X 253 "6063RT1-3/4X4X1/8 Aluminum Rectangle Tube 6063 T52 1.75 " X 4 " X 0.125 " X 253 "6061RT2X6X1/8 Aluminum Rectangle Tube 6061 T6 2 " X 6 " X 0.125 " X 240 "6063RT1X4X1/8 Aluminum Rectangle Tube 6063 T52 1 " … Fast quotes, problems solved.