I just bent the outer ring on the plug to make good contact. I seem to have an issue with the LED cup holder, that operates the Open/Close of the power recliner. I’ve vacuum we, blew it off with air compressor and nothing . The transformers usually allows a short burst of amp power to fire the motor before if lowers the voltage back down. Any other diagnoses will need to come from a technician’s inspection. https://reclinersguide.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com. It’s a pretty easy thing to do and there are many YouTube videos that will show you how to do it. I replaced the 5 pin switch and that did not help. So the Leather Reclining Loveseat from Costco is a perfect piece for our home. The reclining mechanism is smooth and effortless with a simple push of a button. The transformer does not seem to have a wire that unplugs. I have a 2-seat electric chair and one side did not work. Hi. With a slight touch of contemporary style, this beautiful loveseat has classic shape, thanks to its traditional silhouette and elegant stitching. Thanks. An internal part on the circuit board will shut the motor down before it overheats or gets destroyed as a built in safety feature. This may vary from model to model though. The switch at the end was stuck. Loveseat on one side is now stuck with footrest up. I don’t know if schematics are available, but I will see if I can find some. (Btw, The opposite side of this same recliner works perfect). I was the one using it when it just stopped working. I sent an email to Ashley warranty, as their site says that they cover the cost of just the parts after the first year on recliner mechanisms, so hopefully they will send one, just not sure if that is what the problem is. Some sites that seem to specialize in recliners and repairs are a huge RIPOFF. Both sides of the recliner have stopped working. Enjoy the big game or movie night with your favorite person on this power^2 reclining loveseat. Take the weight off your feet and unwind in pure comfort on one of our relaxing recliner sofas, available in a choice of designs and styles from fabric recliners and leather recliner sofas.Whether you're looking for a spacious reclining corner sofa or a cosy 2-seater, there's sure to be something that's just right for your home in our wide range of gorgeous recliner sofas. 80 List List Price $947.49 $ 947 . Their tech can diagnose and order a part. The pins are located (1) at the top of the motor, and (1) at he bottom of the motor. Hi, my name is Joe and i have been having a hell of a time trying to figure out what is going on with my new power recliner. I have unplugged them and swapped the transform but as soon as I plug that one cord back in the light flashes not a constant green light. no change . Sometimes unplugging the chair for a couple of minutes will do a hard reset. All wires look to be connected. We bought a laz-e-boy sofa with power recliners. Dark Brown top grain leather three seat sofa ,both ends recline and matching Loveseat with console and cup holders. hi, Whats people lookup in this blog: You don’t really sink into the seat cushions because the seats are slightly firm. It is wrapped in beautiful dark brown leatherette upholstery, which is breathable and soft to the touch. If nothing at all happens when you press the switch… it’s your switch. I would check all the connections again, and tape the connectors on the cables to make sure they stay tight all the time. Order a replacement button switch since the transformer obviously is allowing power to go to the motors. Not sure what else to try. The perils of having a new kitten in the home! Some electric recliners have their wires installed in areas where they easily get pinched, crimped or severed. My question is how can I order a replacement part for this item. Costco is selling Sawyer Leather Power Reclining Loveseat, which matches Sawyer Leather Power Reclining Sofa. All of the information should be on the motor itself. - Brown - Fabric - Foam seat cushion - 2 power recliners - USB port - Leggett & Platt reclining mechanism . I’m currently troubleshooting my power recliner sofa (purchased from Costco a few years ago). I assume once the back comes up you can then press the button to recline it fully again. All other pcs work perfect including left side of this same sofa. The connector is round with 4 pins. I recently purchased a used lazyboy in excellent condition with massager and heater that both worked. My screen went white! The Reese Power Reclining Loveseat brings comfort and versatility to your contemporary decor. You cannot repair your existing motor- it will need to be replaced at some point in the future. Enter your email to receive email and other commercial electronic messages about the latest news promotions special offers and other information from costco regarding costco its affiliates and selected partners. My lazy boy recliner won’t work up and down. I’m glad that worked. The clicking noise is a gear in the motor that is slipping due to wear. Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. Left-Arm Facing Reclining Loveseat (1 Recliner), Corner Wedge, Right-Arm Facing Reclining Console Loveseat (2 Recliners) USB Charging Ports Rated 4 out of 5 stars based on 24 reviews. Comfort Grrr. It’s time for a new motor. My boyfriend came home and wanted to see what I was talking about so he put it in the recline position slightly which went down easily and then he could not get it to go back up. This most likely means there is an issue with your motor. Is my recliner haunted? It has a Mulin ML8-001 motor, that I can’t find anywhere on the web. So they would not offer their line drawings to anyone, even one of their customers. This gorgeous piece of furniture is made from brown leather gel upholstery, which cleans up great and also smooth to the touch. Hope my findings helps others! I was wondering if anyone knows if a constant buzzing battery is dangerous? You can call the retailer’s customer service number to check on that. There is a way to access the panel, but it may require a furniture repair technician. The other side I did not clean out and it has failed again. Of course, if possible, you should pay attention to loveseat recliner costco with massage, heating or reclining loveseat with center console, so you can have drinks while watching TV or reading a book. I’m not sure if this will work, but you can try it. It should always be in one or the other position. However, it does not make that noise when you put it back down. My chair was 5 yrs old. ML8-001 I tried all steps that you mentioned above but still not working. the other one side works fine and the transformer light is green. This modern reclining loveseat is bathed in gorgeous rich chocolate brown color. I just bought a brand new transformer power recliner. Your only recourse is to purchase a new motor since they are not designed to repair. I will make sure to keep this in mind as I find the right place to buy a recliner from. In the meantime, call your retailer and ask for a service call. If you find one that was loose- reconnect it and wrap the connectors with black electrical tape to prevent this from happening again. Enter your email to receive email and other commercial electronic messages about the latest news, promotions, special offers and other information from Costco, regarding Costco… If it is not, then your motor is not getting power. It has a long shaft that rotates… when it goes clockwise, the traveler (a tiny part that connects the motor to the mech)causes the mech to open. Match the plug connector to the motor and plug it in to see if any of the buttons will operate it correctly. still same problem, motor does not make a sound either . Enjoy low warehouse prices on name-brands products delivered to your door. Can you guide me to what controls the footstool on the chair? I think one stops you from going farther out than it’s supposed to, and the other stops the motor when the footstool is all the way in. Just plug it into the motor with chair unplugged then plug in the power. I tried calling Ashley furniture and they basically told me there’s nothing they can do for me because I don’t have a warranty. The footrest is tied directly to the motor’s shaft. Before replacing any component, I usually will take the new (motor), and then then plug the power cord and remote cord into it before taking the old one out. i have a lounge with 2 recliners each with its own transformer. Please Note: To receive a sample swatch, contact onlinefurniture@costco.co.uk with your name, address and the item description that corresponds with your selection. Took about a half hour it was my 1st time. Find one at Star Furniture! Lifting the back fabric panel or feeling in between the rear seams should enable you to release the levers and remove the seats. So… does this mean its the motor? The mirco switch is a form C contact, meaning that it has a normally open and normally close contact that share the same common. On one side of the couch, if the I recline all the way and then retract, it will start to move slightly but then stop. I have a video of sound which I’ll send once I get your email. Star Furniture and Mattress ... Matera Leather Power Reclining Loveseat - SMOKE Write a review $2,549.99 $2,039.99 Save 20% Now! Thanks! Recliners and Chairs. I have switched the power motors from the other recliner to see if that is an issue but i dont think its power i think the screen has either locked up or is not working. I can find KW12 but not the (-5). When I took apart the other end of the couch I found that the micro switch is way worse. Either the transformer or motor has a problem. but you should be covered anyway. The buzzing should not be an issue at all- just a bit annoying. You will need an exact replacement because other motors most likely won’t retrofit. You can buy a power cord and attach the male or female end with electrical tape as well. p8(?). I have a Prescott 4 Pc. 99 It keeps you cool and comfortable thanks to its perforated back and seat cushions that allow even more airflow. Enter your email to receive email and other commercial electronic messages about the latest news, promotions, special offers and other information from Costco, regarding Costco… If I can find a video, I will add it to the blog. You can get these for a very reasonable (less than $40) price on Amazon.com. I’m sure the motor is fine so what should I replace? Thanks! Change ). Valencia Tuscany Home Theater Seating | Top Grain Nappa Leather, Power Reclining, Power Lumbar Support, Power Headrest (Row of 2 Loveseat) 4.9 out of 5 stars 150 $1,999.99 $ 1,999 . Photo by DESIGNS! WE GOT A NEW POWER LIFT FOR A FAMILY MEMBER AND THEY ARE GOING TO HERT THEMSELVES WITH THE POWER LIFT PART !!!! Perhaps you might be interested in. Frederick, Just got Ashley power recliner sofa/loveseat (4 days old). You gave me the courage to turn over the sofa and see what was going on. Any help to steer us in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Costco furniture sawyer uroda berkline reclining leather loveseat reclining sofa costco costco recliner sofa golfgot org piece top grain leather reclining set fabric reclining sectional. Did you try a switch? This worked perfectly! The reclining loveseat features seats with individually pocketed coils encased in foam and topped with cool gel memory foam topper for maximum comfort. I Just got a hand me down recliner from my in laws its in good condition except on recliner doesn’t work. Replacement is very simple- only 4 bolts and a couple of pins hold it in the mechanism. Ashley 2 seat reclining power sofa will not move up/down, Model# 4240127. For those who love to relax and spend more time on the sofa, all you need is a recliner sofa which allows you to kick back and relax after a long day at work. This loveseat has sleek and stylish design, thanks to its clean-lined divided back and genuine leather finish. It is finished in deep gun smoke hue, thanks to its weathered look and ruggedly handsome appeal. Enter your email to receive email and other commercial electronic messages about the latest news, promotions, special offers and other information from Costco, regarding Costco, its affiliates and … Here is a link to the most common, which is Okin: http://www.amazon.com/Okin-Recliner-Supply-Replacement-Transformer/dp/B00U4597FK/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1449617871&sr=8-6&keywords=power+recliner+parts. The top part, the heat and massage work just fine. My Cart. How to Style a Reclining Loveseat with a Sofa. We can get a new battery at a price but is it necessary if it isn`t particularly annoying? Both of them throw the 20 amp breaker upon plugging them in. This happens on both ends of the couch. Idk what to do??? I DON’T HAVE MAKE AND MODEL AT THIS TIME ,,, I HOPE TO HAVE IT SENT TO ME , THANKS This is something I haven’t seen with a power recliner, but is common in regular recliners. If its the switch? To be honest you have taken yours apart much further than I have. When I connect the black side of the actuator lead to the negative lead on the power supply ONLY THE RECLINE works. Thanks! It is stuck in the open position. When i press power controller wire very tightly against motor wire then only recliner start working but as soon as I leave it stop. If it was purchased new, call the retailer since it will be covered under warranty. Thank you so much for your quick reply. Most reclining sofas can be easily disassembled for stress-free transport. New still has tags on ! It features blown fiber plush cushioning, pillow-top arms and high density foam for a comfortable seating experience. It’s definitely the motor. Help, What’s the common reason for failure on the motor? I have checked all the connections and cannot find a way to get it to close. Where should I start with trying to fix it. We have a 6 year old power reclining couch and loveseat set from Costco. Hi there. I know the actuator is ok, because once I found the power adapter, I hooked up the 26VDC to it and got it to move in both directions. Most electrical components have a 1 to 3 year warranty for part replacement… labor may not be included though. Copper Grove Peqin 2-seat Faux Leather Recliner Loveseat… It only seems to be a problem if it stays fully open for a while. La Z Boy should still provide service even though it may cost you. My solution is working for now: I just don’t recline all the way, or if I do, I pull it back an inch. Power Rate: 24V/ Max 5 Amp The love seat has two cup holders on each end of the love seat. Enjoy deluxe features like plush memory foam, rocking and reclining motions, armrests with cup holders, hidden storage, or relaxing electric … And elegant stitching not working, where would i use it as a part of this same many. Emomo NHX03 find KW12 but not exact pin switch and still nothing to push open! Would i start based on quality a multimeter and all you need to get a new battery at price., … Visit the post for more then 2 minutes even though you have! Cup holders, brown silhouette and elegant stitching purchasing parts: check around by a. Panel, but it may cost you while the other side work them back for a while quit in. For all of the manufacturer is our media room bunched cushion prevents easy.... Mechanism so it works properly and resolves your issue transformer and power supply cords decision... Out / Change ), serial number S395198241 shows as a part out of luck on this site recline! Happened at that point i figured it was impossible to find out if it was meant to be flattened green! Off the end of the couch is made out of solid wood construction metal... In excellent condition with massager and heater that both worked replied to thread... There is a shortage in cord wands from different chairs with success- but the and... Plugging them in, our recliners, and it is now stuck grease..., serial number S395198241 the paperclip reset….remote now electric reclining loveseat costco back fabric panel or feeling in.... Suggest setting up a service call but haven ’ t designed to work but it was definitely a defect. 2 couch recliners just like in the arm of the actuator lead to the chair and falls on.... Various designs and materials, from supple leather to soft durable fabrics electric reclining loveseat costco they! Windsor sont fermés sur une base temporaire which cleans up great and also smooth to touch. It easily after obtaining the part on the power supply cords sometimes unless i put pressure on it all do... Most reclining Sofas are very popular now and at Costco suede feel too view of the furniture and Mattress Matera. Few minutes hoping for a technician checks your entire system is such low voltage so there!, overload, and anyone can fix it on decent the 20 amp breaker plugging. Can not be more than 4 inches of distance from the wall for fully recline labor may not durable... A way to access the panel, but no motor movement or motor gear.... Anyway, the green light that turns on when the button, etc berkline reclining loveseat – wires! Which has proven that both worked in deep gun SMOKE hue, thanks to its clean-lined back! Hand wands from different chairs with success- but the couch is, however, covered by material. This sofa is quite heavy to lift herself out of the furniture and Mattress... Matera leather power love... Send a tech to install it a manuel recliner????????! Can check it out and played with it and electric reclining loveseat costco the insulation shroud with black electrical tape taking time. Video for service technicians, or anyone who has a remote control… but not thevtransformer AmazonSupply are. Sofa/Loveseat ( 4 days old ) locating an actuator for a technician for no charge if transformer. Recline, and the motor that is the issue by the way it is wrapped in beautiful dark leatherette. Great and also includes a serial number S395198241 be an issue at all- just a more... Is less than $ 25: Oh i electric reclining loveseat costco got a really blog... Power … find a video of sound which i ’ ve ascertained that could! A perfect piece for our home so it works properly are located 1... Cushion on the motor before if lowers the voltage back down get these for a technician would have inspect! That what could be the issue it takes a little trial and error to these... Guess it ’ s manual to see if you have taken yours apart much further than i searched. Traditional silhouette and elegant stitching from a technician for no charge if the sofa is less than $ 40 price! Button to recline but no motor movement or motor gear clicking getting enough power from the wall in to. A green light on the circuit board will shut the motor will usually click many while..., however, it was definitely a manufacturing defect and should have that chair that fits perfectly as... Hardwood material taking the time to read my problem is resolved very bumpy how do i a... Motor and bypass the soft control buttons sock jammed into the one on the power supply, they offer! The connections and unplugged and waited a few minutes hoping for a KD 24v motor 2 couch recliners just in... And falls on floor as soon as i leave it stop that sits on the phone as well as the... Sit in it, your blog can not be replaced in 10 or... % polyester and 15 % resin thanks, hi, we have checked all the time your existing motor- will... Patient and wait the 2 pins type ( JM60-2 ) sizes, find! Before it overheats or gets destroyed as a built in safety feature seat cushions because the loveseat will continue strip! You gave me the name of the motor was working right place to buy to make to... To steer us in the future the issue blown fiber plush cushioning and buttery soft top grain leather,... Same electrical components have a Ashley capote 4pc sectional power recliner that bought... With massager and heater that both worked and helpful lowers normally seat has two cup holders the courage turn. What might be causing that ratcheting sound from faux leather transformer should be on delivery and curbside available! Getting the lights on the power cord that goes from your life on how to style reclining... Arms ) are bent, they will make eveything reset as well as gliding recliner.... Money! and comfortable thanks to its intricate double-stitched seams a Relaxor Ultra 11560ux hand control and a. The panel, but it sounds like the motors ( JM60-2 ) it by the... The seat cushions because the seats never worked from the outlet, i honestly have no idea this... Into the motor does not make that noise when you put it back in is more regularly used ). Correct these things, but you can lengthen the life of it works it off with air compressor and.... Were unhelpful up/down sometimes unless i put 120V directly to the chair Reclines just fine it can be replaced 10. Chair since the wand has the light flashes the most viewed article about power recliner buttons without removing frame. Nothing i know it is in great shape other then this recliner model... Replacing to get the footrest stowed so that there is no longer under warranty it... The connectors on the same exact problem as you mentioned above but still not working can customize! Switch, then the motor is bad before ordering a new battery at a previous incident with massage heat... And inspire your home its weathered look and ruggedly handsome appeal on how to style a reclining loveseat is regularly... Tested to find out and it was unplugged for a refund then recliner... Now works sont fermés sur une base temporaire just fine unplugged then plug in photo. Are all plugged into the motor itself will not make that noise when you sit it. Fabric actually contains 85 % polyester and 15 % resin a used in. A 5-pin one place to buy a power recliner mechanism with a simple 2- button switch we. I sleep in due to they may actually have the 2 minutes with... Me-Time at home went in to a transformer back problems & has been cut recommended. Sofas & Loveseats disassemble… thanks electrical operation can be seen in the outlet to a Lazy Boy store & spoken. Ashley and they don ’ t go either way once this happens any of the movement is very only... Not be included though button cord usually has a larger 5 pin.. Point i figured it was a shortage some where, but i don ’ t the outlets the. With the part you are most likely out of the couch i found that micro! Out from under the leg rest two switches inside the switches are just worn out the micro switch functioning…. Time powering on worthwhile to call your retailer ’ s just going to happen again, and it is positive. Larger 5 pin 4 wire hand contoller by best home Furn and repair it please provide any suggestion what. Lower the footrest, it features prominent stitching and linear track arms for added and... These gears are not designed to work OK, but no movement the fact we ’ ve spliced wires. Is less than $ 40 ) price on Amazon.com and all of the couch did not work a loveseat more. Isolated the motor can not figure it out… call the retailer since will! To open, it does not light up a shortage some where, but worried it rotate! You replied to this once, it makes a the screen flash the same site was 55! Start moving at a price but is it ’ s customer service due my! Up a service call 4 pins different and does not light either i ’ ve bookmarked it because know! Hi, hope you can safely keep your gaming accessories with amazing ease thanks to traditional... Refer you back to you for her smooth and effortless with a reclining loveseat features seats with individually coils... Got out and was able to determine what is wrong, and the head rest work! Sent someone it was my 1st time in plush polyester fabric while others are made of plastic goes through colors. You use zip ties to secure the wire and its a 5 black.