You also know the worry and fear that more playing will cause more damage. This site is for information and education purposes only. If you like, you can Start Here, or dive into these popular articles: Welcome to Classical Guitar Shed! 5) You have a prior (non-guitar related) injury that is aggravated by playing guitar. Join in and write your own page! If osteoarthritis is causing you pain and you are not in the market for a new guitar, you might choose to speak to an occupational therapist (OT), particularly one who specialises in hands. I have dealt with the topic of playing loud on the classical guitar in another post, so in this post we will discuss the topic of right hand speed. However, if I practice for a few hours in the morning and then teach for six hours I … Les Paul himself played guitar with arthritis for 50 years! The pain has gotten so intense i … How to Practice Guitar with a Hurt Hand. How? October 9, ... It’s all about knowing the right way to choose a guitar, warm up your fingers, tune your strings, fret chords and play crazy solos. It is a burning and achy pain. In classical guitar music, most of the right-hand technique falls into two categories: arpeggios and scales. I restarted both simultaneously - and within a matter of weeks, I had acute right hand wrist pain (carpal tunnel/tendonitis) and also acute 'golfer's' elbow in the right arm. For a guitar picking hand, you might want to look up materials related to violin bow hold, since excess tension in this is a very common problem in beginners. (California). Neck shape can also be a factor. A lesson on right hand articulation for classical guitar covering how to play legato, staccato, pizzicato, and chords (playing solid, rolled, strummed, and rasgueado chords). In this video we look at setting up the right hand for classical guitar technique. In guitar, performance elements such as musical dynamics (loudness or softness) and tonal/timbral variation are mostly determined by the hand … Reduce Tension and Improve Your Touch, with Buzzed Notes, Tension Cross-Talk: Hand Tension on Classical Guitar, The Dangers of Speed in Classical Guitar Practice, How to Connect Guitar Chords Beautifully in Music – Overlapping Chords, How to Use Cold Showers to Reduce Performance Anxiety, 4 Ways to Choose Your Next Piece of Music, Phrasing and Expression Lesson – E-03: Carcassi – Op. Now play about hours four nights a week. Please take your time to browse and study. ... over the last 3 days i've been developing a pain under my right hand index, thumb and middle fingernails. Discover the connection and benefits of Magnesium for Tendonitis healing and recovery. The question was regarding a “bouncing right hand” issue. Pain can take the fun out of guitar.  It’s no fun to be injured.  But there are treatments and preventions.  Below you’ll find resources to keep your hands safe.  And if you are experiencing pain or injury, you’ll find treatments and practice suggestions. For the first time ever we have a device that addresses one of the trickiest parts in the process of studying classical guitar – Right Hand Posture. If you have Wrist Tendonitis you may/may not have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Your health and well-being depends on your willingness to learn and. Play loud and fast! Your book is genius and really addressed all my questions. It's easy to do. Classical uses a completely different technique then normal strumming, which is finger movement from mostly the top knuckle. Tendonitis can be one of the symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency. Hello, my name is Joe, I'm 17, and am suffering from pain in my right hand. Improving Your Hand's Stamina Adjust the action of your guitar’s neck. There is no cure for arthritis, but lots of people find that regularly playing guitar helps them manage their arthritis pain long-term. A Pain-Free Guide to Playing Guitar with Small Hands. it really helped fantastically. Two of the most important lessons I ever learned about playing the guitar were how to hold it, and how helpful good posture is. Right Hand & Arm Stability Below, a discussion and lesson about right hand stability for classical guitar via my Youtube channel. If you like, you can, Right-Hand Technique for Classical Guitar, A Few Thoughts on Excess Tension in Your Playing. Simply click here to return to Guitar Tendonitis C2 Invitation. Learn how you can keep moving ahead, even with an injury. A guitar with high action will … I started playing guitar 1965. Playing fast on the classical guitar … Simply click here to return to, Magnesium For Tendonitis, Magnesium Deficiency, Benefits of Magnesium, Tendonitis, Information on Treatment Symptoms You Won't Find Elsewhere, Wrist Tendonitis Is Not Carpal Tunnel But It's Almost Identical. It's easy to do. If you feel pain when you play guitar, stop and rest. 60 No. Shopping for a classical guitar I came across a K. Yairi model Y80 (from the 60's), is this a decent guitar? For legato playing, make sure the right hand fingers pass through the string spending very little time touching the string (when you touch a vibrating string you mute it). Holding Your Breath? Also, for all things pain and discomfort, I recommend Gary Crowley’s site.  It’s the most effective technique for pain-relief I’ve found. While it can affect both fretting and picking/strumming hands, most often it becomes a serious issue for the fretting hand. Hello again Joshua, been awhile since i last responded. Copyright ©2008-2018 Tendonitis of the wrist tendons is reversable and fixable. So, therefore what do players want to do? This video details some classical-inspired hand stretches that work just as well for steel-string acoustic and electric players. i dont ice much nowadays, but ice massage if it does start to get to moderate pain. Your fingertips are hurting because they are rubbing against steel strings. Should You Think About Breathing in Guitar Practice? Some Ideas for Making Playing the Guitar Less Painful for Those Living With Arthritis. Restringing a right-handed guitar to a left-handed guitar would never make a ‘perfect’ left-handed guitar. If you are a left-handed person, and the guitar you are given is a right-handed one and is your first guitar, then you might want to read my article on can left-handed people can play right-handed guitar. Classical guitar technique can be organized broadly into subsections for the right hand, the left hand, and miscellaneous techniques. If you have Guitar Tendonitis then you know the ache, pain, and fatigue that comes from playing with hand, wrist, and forearm pain. Back in the late 90's I picked up the guitar after a 13 year absence and within a few weeks developed tenosynovitis ("trigger thumb" - deQuervain's) in the right thumb. Classical Guitar and Pain: “Oh, My Aching Shoulder”, Focal Dystonia of the Hands: Info for Guitarists, Frustrated with Guitar? How? Can You Play Classical Guitar with Small Hands? Tendonitis is not a necessarily a problem with a tendon. the wrist also seldom moves, only to bend downward occasionally, so none of the sideways motion regular guitar sees. The classical guitar excels in producing soft, dulcet tones. The pain made playing guitar almost impossible. Unauthorized use prohibited. So, i got your ebook, and was following protocals for awhile. 1 (Descending Lines), The Perfect Left Hand: A Guide for Guitarists. More lessons: The right hand position and basic technique for classical guitar. by Joe cileo I’m talking about the right hand here (or left hand if you’re a South Paw) and injury management and remediating a playing style that has brought about injury is something I have first hand (ahem, ‘scuse the pun) experience of.Yup, I have experienced the pain and annoyance of an injured wrist, with carpal tunnel syndrome type symptoms. This principle is critical and cannot be emphasized enough: Do not ever play through pain!!! Left-Hand Technique for Classical Guitar – Lessons on left hand technique. Please take your time to browse and study. Guitar Posture - Finger Pain The third kind of pain that often happens to guitarists, especially for those starting out, is finger pain. … The good news is, you PROBABLY don't have any actual damage! The Albatross of the Right Hand For classical guitar-related purposes, the pinky has the potential of slowing us down by causing excess tension and pain. I had a two year period during which i played no squash and very little classical guitar (with the raised right hand plucking fingers). Welcome to Classical Guitar Shed! Guitar tendonitis - right hand index finger problem by: Richard Hi Joshua, Thanks for your detailed comments. Wrist pain is a very common problem among guitar players. I think this is just a pinched nerve because I have had Doctors exam my hand and tube and found nothing wrong and pain comes and goes.