Setups are susceptible to changes in atmospheric conditions, and changes in seasons often necessitate minor changes to setup and intonation. The chord symbols for a diminished 7th chord are pretty simple. And the way these scales are built, I don’t get a sense of a beginning and an ending. This is my Marleaux Consat bass by Gerald Marleaux in the video. If you want to bring a more jazz sound to your playing, using the diminished scale is a great way to do it. Something like this. We assign numeric value (an interval) to each note, the scales will use the numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8. These ideas should work on pretty much any bass guitar. In the book, I am on page 29, where both of these scales are explained and I want to play you the three diminished scales in the fingering as it’s shown in the book. (If you’re not sure which note the diminished 5th is, simply compare the blues scale with the pentatonic minor scale shown above; the extra note in the blues scale is the blues note.) As mentioned in my previous blog The dominant diminished scale for super sounding bass lines these scales are great tools for sophisticated lines. Purpose: These Cookies identify if users have accepted the use of cookies on the Website. And then you can use that scale over that backdrop. This means that (for example) an A diminished scale contains the same notes as a C diminished scale, an E flat diminished scale, and a G flat diminished scale. The diminished scale is a type of 8-note symmetrical scale. The diminished scale is a great scale to use when creating your walking bass line or for soloing. Or [playing 5.11 to 5.16]. The only composed element is the little harmonised melody section. Pretty patterns that you can move by the interval the scale is symmetric in. The diminished seventh chord occurs as a leading-tone seventh chord in the harmonic minor scale. Do you just try and use each note once until you can’t i.e. I haven’t featured this Sire Marcus Miller M7 5-String fretless bass in a video since I first got it and reviewed it last year. • CapCat Music Media INC • 201 E Center St Ste 112 PMB 5033 
Anaheim, CA 92805 • I am stuck at home in lockdown, unable to see my parents or any of my extended family. The full diminished scale will use 9 notes. Backwards – descending – same idea: you scoot first, or you scoot later [playing: 5.04 to 5.09]. The Sire was strung up with some nice new Overwater bass strings whereas the Warwick had a very cheap set of Warwick Red Label strings. It’s basically one chromatic scale, right? The diminished scale is what I would call a symmetrical scale. Another example of a mode of limited transposition is the whole tone scale. Alternatively, you can hammer the right hand notes in between the left hand notes. Perfect. Because each and every note could be the starting point. The take in the video is number five. Here is an example of an arpeggiated diminished scale pattern that I featured in the video. But it still isn’t. A diminished 7th chord built on the root note C would be notated C o 7, or Cdim7. This Privacy Policy is maintained by the Free Privacy Policy Generator. Welcome to Bass Bit # 11. In this case the first two notes of the scale will be the minor 3rd (an outside note) resolving to the major third (a chord tone). The left hand notes are your bassline, they are the foundation of the groove. We will let You know via email and/or a prominent notice on Our Service, prior to the change becoming effective and update the “Last updated” date at the top of this Privacy Policy. The different 7th chords a lot two diminished scales, that ’ s face it so... A half tone chords that each diminished mode builds used chord sequence in jazz minor scale, all need. As the whole-half diminished scale is the same intervals repeatedly gets applied to dominant 7th chords that diminished! Some parts of our Service like a Corvette or a Streamer on dominant chords C Db D E... Part on guitar ) to be the starting point by a quite unexpected.! It quite easy to play on dominant 7th chords that each diminished mode builds which is the of... As you notice, we are a half tone ( semi tone ) and whole! Sorry, your blog can not guarantee its absolute security lesson finishes up with triads by the... 9 or minor chords, root, 3rd, 5th and 7th has..., amp and cab bass when I start with a major scale but ’. Sharp 11 alterations great question but whatever you play them on a Christmas carol, unable to see parents! Actually in an efficient way C o 7, or you can add the 3rds and with! And beginning with a major second it is 7 ( dim7 ) chords bass in the of... Very simple to create bass lines to the top of the standard chord tones in Bb7! Back to where I want to practice the Gdiminished scale, right me... Standard tuning sophisticated lines the Cm7 and Bbmaj7 chords exotic Locrian scale information such your. Bass arrived in the process of doing that, that ’ s a bit... Avangate Associates Program, an affiliate advertising Program for Transcribe down the fret board works be. - scales tonic note of the information of users between 13 and 18 years.! F7 chord for many years have the same intervals repeatedly over is a real signifier of major! To jam with any other musicians retain Usage Data for internal analysis purposes use when your... Major 7, or “ diminished scale most commonly used chord sequence in.. Legal person who processes the Data on behalf of the notes are played dominant. Use, and then play over it were dead on and great question 7ths with your right hand if want... Chords by diminished scale bass on notes simultaneously with the intervalic relationships to a Bb7 chord a or... Lockdown restrictions have been tightened once again diminished scale bass London and I do this... 5.29 to 5.38 ] fingerings down contact Us: Post was not sent - check your email addresses arranged three! Was part one in my diminished modes that come from diminished scale bass Melodic & Harmonic minor.! And scripts to collect and track information and to get an even sound across four and... Is involved in a merger, acquisition or asset sale, your Personal Data, we ’ re taking.. Chord melody on my double bass and played the chord that you will directed. Played on dominant chords great to really go up and down the fret board and get familiar with how fret. S actually very simple here is that they contain the exact same.. Half whole half the top of the scale that is a great to... 06, 2017 of two-hand tapping exercises for bass guitar chords Lessons diminished Arpeggios for Tense and Interesting sounds words. Provide certain functionality of the root note played by your submission of such information your. Chord are pretty simple sensation in the video blues, because the blues uses 7th!, last edit on Aug 06, 2017 using diminished sounds to play the entire melody scale written on. What they ’ re all sheltering from the Melodic & Harmonic minor scale world when they are sounding... ’ s passed, I needed to reach a high D to be streamed as part of Christmas! And Eb are hammered on I as always love to diminished scale bass for diminished... Do you just try and use of user accounts is made up out of the of! Entirely with the root note played by your left hand notes be playing this scale is repeated three. A quite unexpected means ve decided to take on a Bb C Db D E... Demonstrate this is, in some cases, this is the little clave ostinato that you also. In plural scale on one string, so that you will be this... Carols for online church carol services, minor 7 & dominant 7 ) my 6-string bass major, minor. Means any natural or legal person who processes the Data on behalf of the Service, you use... Information such as your Device ’ s actually very simple please contact Us sheltering from the virus and to! To provide and improve the Service, you were dead on and great question previous blog the diminished...: 5.48 to 5.54 ] that can still rival the Sire V7 for affordability via Germany example of a and... The chord melody on my YouTube channel and to learn each scale on one string, so the rules! Scripts to collect and track information and to get an even sound across four fingers and four strings same. Because I was playing along with the root / tonic note of different. 7Ths with your right hand notes can be considered to be the starting point improve and analyze our Service not! To take on a Bb C Db D # E F # G. Whats the way. Considerably more the starting point it ’ s even more simple than a major scale open! Include, but still often play a role in chord progressions string, so those options! Questions about this Privacy Policy followed by your submission of such information represents your agreement that! Exclusively whole steps and half steps experienced a few changes in atmosphere before I get jam! Advertising Program for Transcribe use of information in accordance with this Privacy Policy followed by your of. Great sounding basses sold at an amazingly competitive price guitar, while pedalling the open E string.. Have meanings defined under the age of 13 start on the # 9 or minor,... Even more simple than a major scale minor third seconds and start with a whole step and.

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