Apple announces new Arm-based Mac mini with M1 chip starting at $699 The release is the first step in Apple’s transition away from Intel processors, … The first ARM based Mac will likely be the 13-inch MacBook Pro launching in Q4 2020 or Q1 2021. Apple may be hosting another event on November 17 to launch its ARM-based chip called the Apple Silicon. Bloomberg says the ARM Mac Pro looks like the current design but at … You are probably out of luck, but here's what to expect from the new-look, M1 iMac coming in 2021 Apple's first Mac chips will feature 8 high-performance cores and at least 4 … According to a new research note from analyst Ming-chi Kuo, Apple is planning to release "several" ARM-based Macs in 2021 in both laptop and desktop … "To confirm, there is a November ARM Mac event. Related Apple’s ARM … That year, it's planned that Apple will release new ARM-powered versions of the iMac Pro and Mac Pro. According to Gurman, a redesigned iMac, a new Mac mini, and a half-sized Mac Pro, all powered by Apple chip architecture, are also in the works. I’m hearing November 17th." FILE - In this Sept. 5, 2014 file photo, a man walks into an Apple store in Beijing. The company will then cease to sell any Intel-powered MacBook Pro 16 or iMac machines come 2022, which is the same year that it will release ARM-powered versions of the iMac Pro and Mac Pro. ARM-powered Macs release date With the Time Flies and Hi, Speed over, fans are now looking forward to Apple’s next main event where the new Macs could be announced. Apple will release its first ARM-based Mac with an in-house processor in 2021, Bloomberg reports. This news comes from @Komiya_jp, a leaker who just recently spat out the entire Apple Fall 2020 product release schedule.According to them, the first ARM … Apple is also at work on desktops with A14 chips inside, including a new iMac and a Mac Pro. (Representational Image: Bloomberg) Apple will reportedly unveil its plans to transition from Intel processors to custom ARM processors at WWDC 2020 that is to kick start tonight at 10:30pm IST. According to analyst Min-chi Kuo, the last Intel-based Mac will be the upcoming 24-inch iMac, which … There's also the matter of a new Mac mini, … This could be followed up with another Apple … New iMac 2021 release date, price & specs for M1 iMac redesign Hoping for new iMac for 2020? The easy-money prediction, then, is that Apple will release a new smaller MacBook Pro, the successor to the current 13-inch model, with that same Magic Keyboard.

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